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TAKE IN The Light 11.01.2024 Introducing TAKE IN Pizzeria and Additional Meeting Rooms! In the heart of Gent, amidst the glow of the celebrated Light Festival, TAKE IN Pizzeria became more than just a place to enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine; it transformed into a beacon of warmth, community, and shared joy. As we look backRead More »TAKE IN THE LIGHT

Recap: TAKE IN’s Closet Sale!

Recap: TAKE IN's Closet Sale! 05.11.2023 On November 5th, TAKE IN hosted a Closet Sale, transforming our versatile space, including the restaurant, meeting rooms, and coworking area, into a haven of style, flavors, and community spirit. The event was a resounding success, combining a fashion frenzy with delicious food and drinks, creating an unforgettable experienceRead More »Recap: TAKE IN’s Closet Sale!