The Light

Introducing TAKE IN Pizzeria and Additional Meeting Rooms!

In the heart of Gent, amidst the glow of the celebrated Light Festival, TAKE IN Pizzeria became more than just a place to enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine; it transformed into a beacon of warmth, community, and shared joy. As we look back on those magical days, we are filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the incredible support and participation we experienced. It was an honor to welcome a multitude of guests into our establishment, creating a space where the magic of the festival could be savored alongside our culinary creations.


The Gent Light Festival is renowned for its breathtaking installations and the way it paints the city in vibrant hues of light, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe. For TAKE IN Pizzeria, located at the heart of this spectacle, the festival presented a unique opportunity to become part of something truly special. It was our privilege to not only serve our guests but also to share in the collective experience of the festival, creating unforgettable moments under the luminous skies of Gent.


Our success during this event speaks volumes about the dedication, passion, and excellence of our team. Their tireless efforts ensured that every guest felt welcomed, every meal was prepared to perfection, and every moment was imbued with the spirit of the festival. The festival lights may have illuminated the city, but it was the brilliance of our team that lit the way for TAKE IN Pizzeria, guiding us through the event with unwavering commitment and exceptional skill.


As we crafted these memorable experiences together, it became clear that the essence of the festival was not just in the spectacular displays of light but in the connections formed and the memories made. Each laugh shared, every slice of pizza savored, and all the moments of awe at the festival’s beauty contributed to a tapestry of memories that will be cherished forever.


We extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who played a part in making the Gent Light Festival at TAKE IN Pizzeria an extraordinary experience. Your enthusiasm, support, and participation were the cornerstone of our luminous journey. It was a joy to see so many faces, both familiar and new, joining in the celebration and making the festival an even more vibrant and inclusive event.


As we move forward, the memories of this year’s festival will continue to inspire us. We are reminded of the strength found in community, the beauty of shared experiences, and the joy that comes from bringing people together. The Gent Light Festival may come once a year, but the spirit it embodies is something we carry with us always, in every dish we serve and every guest we welcome.


Thank you for being a part of our journey. Until we meet again under the glow of the festival lights, we hope the memories of this year’s event will continue to brighten your days as much as they have ours. Here’s to more shared moments, more celebrations, and more reasons to come together in the heart of Gent.