vibrant place
to mEeT.

We are a corner of convenience and service at an affordable price!

Nestled next to the Dampoort train station with a spacious parking facility boasting 100+ spots, including electric charging, our prime location guarantees a seamless service within walking distance from the city centre.


Whatever your purpose of visit, we offer unparalleled value in our diverse offerings, from shared working to casual dining. In a nutshell, we’re a local gathering hub for all purposes and interests. Need to get some quick work done? How about staying over for food and drinks? Maybe all of the above? No need for reservations. Our team is ready for anything and everything you need.

connections and
experiences to remember

Delicious food
comes first.


EaT in

Connect and


mEeT in

Let’s get some
work done.


wOrK in

Here is where
the magic happens.

We host after work drinks, DJ sets, high teas, brunch, and more. But we don’t mind turning the tables. Need a place to host some people? Take In is where you dive in. Everything goes, from birthday events to yoga classes, team presentations, and closet sales. It’s your call, and our team will make it happen.



This is where passion meets profession. Make people smile and become the best version of yourself in a team that drives you forward.