Let’s Take In
the cReatiViTy.

We think
the box.


a sOciAl

We are not a transit location. Our team has created a vibrant community where all sorts of different visitors interact to create a one-of-a- kind destination.

We’re here for locals and travellers, for early birds and night owls, for business and pleasure.


Connected to the IBIS Budget and Adagio Access hotels on the floors above, Take In is Hospitality House brand that’s not bound by traditional definitions. We exceed the notion of a lobby, offering an immersive establishment that includes coworking creativity, culinary comfort, and accessible amenities for businesses and freelancers. The central thread connecting everything: a customer-centric approach upheld by our approachable and supportive team members.

Meet the

Thinking local
and global.

Nestled in the heart of a busy neighbourhood, Take In embraces local communities, offering inviting spaces and opportunities to whoever wants to grab them. The welcoming smiles that greet you form the cornerstone of our hospitality. Here, every guest is not just a visitor but an integral part of our diverse community.

in action.

Our commitment to you extends far beyond a transaction. Understanding your needs is not just a priority – it’s a promise. Kindness, passion and a solution-driven mindset are vital values that radiate through the service of our team. We are not just hosts but partners in ensuring your experience exceeds expectations.


We aim to create a vibrant, inclusive, dynamic environment that seamlessly integrates work, leisure, and community: a hub where individuals unwind, collaborate, and connect. It’s about striking the perfect balance between social engagement and personal tranquillity. Take In is more than a space; it’s a home where individuals and ideas flourish.