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Recap: TAKE IN’s Closet Sale!

Closet Sale!

On November 5th, TAKE IN hosted a Closet Sale, transforming our versatile space, including the restaurant, meeting rooms, and coworking area, into a haven of style, flavors, and community spirit. The event was a resounding success, combining a fashion frenzy with delicious food and drinks, creating an unforgettable experience for fashion enthusiasts and social butterflies alike.

Highlights of the Event:
Curated Fashion Finds: Attendees immersed themselves in a carefully curated selection of stylish, pre-loved fashion items. The Closet Sale offered a treasure trove of unique clothing, accessories, and more, each item with its own story and flair.


Incredible Prices:
The exclusive Closet Sale provided unbeatable prices on high-quality fashion items, allowing attendees to elevate their style without breaking the bank.


Delectable Bites and Refreshing Drinks:
The restaurant’s mouthwatering menu added a delightful touch to the event, with attendees enjoying delectable bites and refreshing drinks while shopping. Cheers to that!


Why Attendees Loved It:
Fashionistas, both seasoned and casual, found something special at the Closet Sale. The event offered a unique opportunity to refresh their style, support sustainable and eco-friendly fashion practices, and have a fabulous time in the process.


TAKE IN’s restaurant/bar and coworking space served as the perfect backdrop for this fashionable affair, providing a versatile setting for a day filled with style and excitement.


A Day to Remember:
The event was a grand success, providing attendees with the chance to refresh their wardrobes, discover one-of-a-kind pieces, and enjoy a day of fashion and fun. TAKE IN’s Closet Sale proved to be an unmissable experience, showcasing the perfect blend of style, community, and excitement.


Thank you to everyone who joined us for this memorable event. Stay tuned for more exciting happenings at TAKE IN as we continue to bring you unique and unforgettable experiences!